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Rödåsens farm

A modern dairy farm in beautiful Northern Sweden

The Farm

Collated information about the stables, animals, machines, land and residental houses.


Rödåsens Farm history spans 4 generations since 1920.


Rödåsel with it’s 100 inhabitants is surrounded by the Vindel river and beautiful nature.


Photos and video from the farm and production.

Rödåsens farm

A proud partner and supplier for Northern Dairy - Sweden
A modern dairy farm in a village surrounded by wilderness

"Having been in operation for almost a hundred years and managed by enthusiastic owners, Rödåsens Farm has developed into a well thought out farm with healthy animals that produce top quality milk.

It is close to nature and wilderness and at the same time only 40 minutes from Umeå city, a vibrant town with 120 thousand inhabitants, voted Culture Capitol of the world in 2014.

Winters are cold with lots of snow and Summers are hot with beautiful vegetation. Thanks to the midnight sun plant growth is extremely fast during summer which yields 2-3 very high energy dense crops annually."

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