Rödåsens Farm – History

The village was founded in the 1500:s when King Gustav Wasa reigned. Alfred Karlsson who was born in the end of 1800’s made his livelihood of milk and meat production and timber floating in summer. His many children had to work at an early age because of poverty and their mother dying very young.


1938 Alfred’s son Sven took over the farm, built a new cow stable and residental house.

1970 the farm was passed on to Svens son who proceeded to expand the farm together with his wife.

In 1999 they began planning for a new stable where they sought to achieve a nice stable environment, rational upkeep with good comfort for the cows, increase cow health and make their work environment better.

Nya lagården byggs

2001 the new loose house stable was built, with milking robot and space for 140 animals.

Since then they have continually evolved the farm which today has a profitable production and healthy cows. They run the farm together with their three children. The herd today consists of 65 milking cows and their own heifers. Average milk production is 650 tonnes per year, the cows have produced an average of approx. 10500 kilo milk annually the last 5 years.

Rödåsens gård - familjen

– Photo: Patrick Degerman, www.degerman.se