Rödåsens Farm – Details

Panorama över Rödåsens Gård, Rödåsel.

Dairy farm property; Rödå 2:24

Rödåsens Farm is a modern dairy farm in Northern Sweden. It is situated 36 kilometers northwest of Umeå, just 170 meters from the Vindel River and has produced high quality milk without remarks for over 30 years.  The cows have produced on average about 10500kg ECM each during the last 5 years.

Average fat content: 4,5%
Average protein content: 3,6%
Average cell count: 160

Rödåsel 928
922 67 Tavelsjö

The main stable, built 2001:

Type: Insulated Loose house barn with milking robot; Lely A3 NEXT 2010.

Construction: Concrete slab foundation, walls made of concrete blocks and rafters of gluelam wood. Roof made of sandwich-constructed isolating panels with high grade insulation (freon free polyurethane) and a surface covered with coated sheet steel. The factory-made sandwiched panels makes the roof especially resistant to moisture. The open construction enables natural ventilaon and lets in plenty of sunlight.

Automatic ventilation with adjustable side openings and automatic roof hatches. Ventilation hatches are made of dual layered, 10mm thick, fire proof and UV-protected Polycarbonate insulation sheets. The system is controlled by an outdoor weather station connected to indoor control cabinat where indoor temperature and other settings can be monitored and adjusted. The system automatically adjusts to protect from rain and storms.

Floor heating in office and adjacent hallway.

Underneath the slatted floor runs 2 scrapes for demanuring. On top of the floor there are automatic rubber scrapes that have user selectable intervals.

  • 70 open cow beds.
  • 2 combined treatment- and calf-boxes.
  • 31 spaces for young animals, divided over 4 sections.
  • 2 large loose calf boxes, one with calf feeder.
  • 7 small calf boxes.
  • 5 stations for combine feed; 3 in main area, 1 in robot and 1 in young animal area. All are fed automatically from the combine feed silo.
  • Heated area for combine feed central, bales, and wooden shavings etc. Heating is provided from the separate boiler house.
  • 1 milk tank, 5m³. Current production is 650 tonnes / year. The milk tank room is prepared for dual production. (1300 m³ / year).
  • 1 Milking Robot; Lely A3 NEXT 2010 – The stable is prepared for a total of 2 robots.
  • 1 Milk Taxi for feeding calves.
  • 1 Lely Calf feeder.
  • 1 small separate cooled milk tank for calves.
  • 2 ceiling mounted rails and 2 attached waggons with shredder, used for spreading silage on the feed table.
  • 1 electric forklift to load bales into the shredder wagon.
  • 1 manure well, 2500 M³ capacity.
  • On 2:nd floor there is dressing room/shower, toilet, a kitchen and storage space.
  • In case of electricity outage, the whole farm can run off of the generator which is powered by tractor.
  • 3 combine feed silos; 1 outdoors capable of 20 tonnes, 2 indoors, 7 tonnes and 700 kilos.
  • The combine feed screw spiral will trigger alarm if malfunction is detected.

Smaller stable for up to 30 tethered heifers.


  • Built in stages starting from 1940, thorough renovation 1967 and addon expansion built in 1972.
  • Ceiling mounted rails carries feed dispenser for silage and concentrated feed.
  • Demanuring using open manure gutters.
  • Demanuring: Dlaval Linomat and DeLaval Komprimat K3.
  • Large volume concrete slab outside for manure collection.



  • Approx. 85% of the cattle is SLB, Swedish lowland cattle (Holstein) – A common black and white cow with high milk production. These cows are calm and stable.
  • Approx. 15% are SRB, Swedish red and white cattle. – Healthy cows with good milk production.


All heated areas on the farm are connected to geothermal heating and a stand-alone boiler room. The boiler room lowers electricity usage during winter by up to 40%. It is connected via culvert to the heated portion of the new open stable + both residential houses. The boiler is mainly used for burning frying oil. Frying oil is collected in 1m³ containers and agreements with several fast food restaurants are in place to collect their frying oil for free. These restaurants are located in Umeå (36 km), Lycksele (98 km) and Skellefteå (134 km). Frying oil burning is very environmental friendly and requires little maintenance. The boiler can also be converted for wood/wood chip burning.


  • 2 hangars for tractors and machines, total concrete floor area: 480m².
  • Insulated workshop equipped with tools for the farm machinery; 70m² floorspace.
  • Barn on top of heifer stable with large space for storing lumber, yard tools, lawn mower etc.
  • 2 slot garage with sliding doors.
  • Plus some other spaces with good ceiling height.

Farmland and forest:

Rödåsens gård - slåtter

The farmland is virtually stone free firm soil. Soil type: fine sand. This soil is very suitable for forage cultivation and the Northern latitude means very high energy value, resulting in a very good forage for high milk yield. Approximately 148 hectares of arable land provides the farm with roughage. Of these, 40 hectares belong to the farm, the rest are rented. It is possible to extend rented land for even larger area. Total forest area is 84 hectares, mainly pine tree forest. (forest can be excluded from purchase if not of interest).


Rödåsens gård - Fendt 720

The machines and tools are in good condition, most are new.

  • Fendt 720 PROFI+ with front hydraulics – 2014
  • Harrow: Multiva Optima T700 – 2014
  • Round baler: JD 744 – 2010
  • John Deere JD6930 Premium steples transmission, command arm and automatic steering. – 2010
  • Slurry tanker: Livakka 14 m³. Controllable and suspended bogie with large wheels. Factory mounted crane. – 2007
  • Volvo loader L35 – 1998 + misc. tools, gear, pallet fork etc.
  • Mower, front mounted: ClAAS 3500 FC DISCO Profil.
  • Mower, side mounted: CLAAS 3500 C DISCO Contour.
  • Swather: ClAAS Liner 2700.
  • Isbo chain mulcher with extra arm for side offset.
  • Bale waggon with bogie, room for 26 bales. Max load 17 tonnes.
  • Brush cutters: Votex, 3,10 meters wide.
  • Väderstad Roller, approx 6 meters wide.
  • Fertilizer spreader: Överum Tive 4012 Tive Tronic.

Residental houses:

Both houses have modern kitchen and bathroom, fiber broadband internet access and are connected to geothermal heating and the boiler room.

House #1:

Rödåsel 928

Rödåsel 928 - inglasad altan

Two storey house built in 1978. 166 m²

3 large bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 office, 2 bathrooms (shower downstairs and a spa bath upstairs), 1 laundry room and modern kitchen.
Conservatory built in 2004, with adjoining large garden pond and paved patio next to the cow pasture. East facing balcony.

House #2:

Rödåsel 928

Two storey house with basement, built in 1940.

3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 toilet upstairs, 1 bathroom with shower downstairs, 1 kitchen + small stowaway area next to the kitchen.
Laundry room in the basement.
Balcony facing west.
Wooden terrace in front of house , built in 2014.


1977 – New kitchen fittings
1985 – New wooden panel, additional insulation + three layerd glass windows.
2014 – New kitchen and bathroom downstairs.

Small wooden cottage:

Rödåsens gård - hebre

Small cottage with electricity and loft for overnight guests. Suitable for summer use. Built 1985.

Rödåsens farm - overview

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