The Village Rödåsel


Panorama över Rödåsel

The Village Rödåsel

Rödåsel is a village in Umeå municipality, surrounded by beautiful nature. It is located just south of where the small river Rödå runs out into the bigger river Vindelälven. The nearest population centers are Tavelsjö; 10 km, Vindeln; 21 km, Vännäs, 26 km and Umeå, 36 km.

Rödåsel has about 100 inhabitants and throughout the Rödå countryside about 900 people live. That’s when including the neighboring villages Rödånäs, Överrödå, Western Överrödå, Blomdal, Rödåliden, Rödålund, Fredrickshall and Älglund.

In the village there are two kindergarten and an elementary school (grades 1-5), a community center, antique shop, carpentry, hairdressing, food catering, agriculture machine dealer and other businesses. The village has its own water association and the water quality is very good. There are two fine beaches, lighted forest tracks and an active sports club. Rödå river and Vindel river offers very good fishing, rafting and kayaking opportunities. Centrally located in the village there is a fuel pump and bus stop. Connection by bus is good between Vindeln and Umeå via Rödåsel as road 363 passes right outside the village.

Much more can be read about Rödåsel and the surrounding area on the local website: